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Whether your organization needs routine drug and alcohol screenings to meet DOT testing requirements or as part of a comprehensive non-regulated Drug-Free Workplace Program, you can depend on Figment Group.

We are positioned to offer:
  • Urine Specimen Collections & Testing
  • Hair Specimen Collections & Testing
  • Oral Specimen Collections & Testing
  • Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing & Confirmation
  • Probation Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Court Ordered Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Customized Testing Program and Panels
  • Synthetic/Esoteric Testing (bath salts, ethyl glucuronide/ethyl sulfate (EtG/EtS), fentanyl, gabapentin, γ-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), kratom, steroid/sports drugs, synthetic cannabinoids, tramadol, and heroin/6-MAM)
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids Urine Testing (K2, K3, Spice, and many others)
  • Comprehensive Testing detecting hundreds of brand name prescription, illicit drugs, and alcohol

On-Site Testing or Clinic Networks

Figment Group provides testing services either on-site at your location or will assist you in arranging testing through our partner clinic networks.

Our on-site testing, either Emergency or Scheduled, during business hours or after hours, 24/7.  Our Technicians travel to your work site to conduct the required testing. Our Breath Alcohol Technicians and Urine Drug Collection Technicians are trained and certified under the Department of Transportation – Part 40 – Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. This ensures that our Technicians meet the ‘gold standard testard’ of our industry.

Our Master Trainers are proud to have served and trained over 75% of the Technicians in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

Drug Testing Panels

We will also advise you on drug testing panels that are available, types of specimens to test and what to look for to ensure that your local fees are competitive. Our goal is to help your organization stay in compliance and maintain a safe, healthy and productive workforce.

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Drug & alcohol Testing

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1 in 10 americans abuse drugs

You can help your community by spreading the word about the importance of managing drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace and our community. Stand up, and help our community fight back against the negative effects of drug and alcohol misuse—-like increased drug trafficking, absenteeism, accidents, turnover, and other negative work behaviors.

frequently asked questions

Because we care!  Our caring fosters loyalty and integrity which are key reasons why we’ve become a familiar, trusted and dependable advisor to our clients, many of whom we’ve served from the first day we opened our doors.  At Figment Group, we work with clients who want to work with professionals who appreciate that we care and are focused on handling compliance details the way it should be:  easy, affordable, hassle-free.  Choosing Figment Group, our clients receive the best possible combination of regulatory, drug-free workplace, safety and human resource expertise to manage any workforce challenge.

We care about safe and efficient workplaces that care about adhering to DOT regulations and Drug-Free Workplace laws.  We make compliance your ally, not your opponent.  It’s our innovative and total management approach to complex compliance issues that makes the difference.

We are focused on up-to-minute changes in DOT regulations and Drug-Free Workplace laws.  We are your single source and go-to consulting and training resource when your safety compliance is in jeopardy or you are simply seeking answers to a regulation question.  We are the single source of knowledge that ensures your company will be 100% compliant, 100% of the time.  We make compliance easy!

We cover all six divisions of the DOT (USCG, FMCSA, FTA, FRA, FAA and PHMSA) as well as 15 non-regulated industries including non-profits.  It is our qualified team of experts with the technical and hands-on experience in a variety of industrial settings, laboratories, DOT compliance, safety, and Drug-Free Workplace consulting that lets us rise above the rest.  Additionally, we train urine collectors and breath alcohol technicians, train-the-trainers, and audit testing facilities.

Fast in-house or on-site testing, with 24-hour turnaround for results, including an encrypted, secure, confidential on-line Medical Review Officer (MRO) report. That’s important when you are waiting on Pre-employment test results.  Our MRO and Laboratory meet strict procedural and training standards to ensure the highest quality performance.

Our master trainers and safety auditors are positioned to offer either on-site or on-line training to suit your needs.  Figment Group offers a full-spectrum of DOT training covering Department of Transportation regulations and requirements, Drug-Free Workplace training, urine collector training, and breath alcohol technician training.

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